Content management
Focus on what matters ! From production to publication, benefit from a range of features dedicated to manage and monetize your content efficiently.

Organise your content into sections. Assign tags to your articles.

Authorise, moderate or restrict comments and trackbacks associated with your articles.

An integrated search engine puts you just one click away from content anywhere on your site.

Write and store items in the back office, independently from your immediate publication requirements.

Automatically post your content online at a specified date and time.

Decide whether access should be free or paid to specific parts of your site.

Protect your entire site with a password. You can also create user groups and set restrictions to allow access to only specific content on your site.

Establish your publication workflow by assigning different rights to your writing team - administrator, authors, writers or designers.

Sections, sub-sections, folders and tags all offer you a flexible way to organise your content. Sort vertically, group horizontally, enable social tagging or go deeper into your site tree.

Each member of the editorial team has a specific level of access to the back office, to help with the collaborative effort of running your site.

Choose between several text editors (RTE, BBcode) and use them to simply add styles to your content. Of course, it is also possible to use HTML if needed.

Designed and built to be your main writing tool, this ergonomically designed form will help increase your efficiency.