Your website deserves the best Design

Customize high quality templates

WMaker hires the best designers to propose you each month the best templates for your website.

Of course, you can customize the default templates, or even use your own designs.

Our software separates design management and content management. As a result, you can easily change your website design. Never be old fashioned, keep proposing to your visitors an up to date design !

Design management without programming

Manage your website design from an entire graphical interface.

No computer programming is required to modify your pages style sheets.

The Design Object technology, exclusively developed by WMaker, gives the opportunity to customize your website from an intuitive and easy to use management interface.

The modular architecture simplifies your life

Using drag and drop, arrange the layout of your site by simply manipulating blocks.

Using blocks offers great flexibility in managing the display of your site.

You can combine blocks in infinite ways ... so don't be shy, feel free to express your creativity.