Our portal plans

Portail Xpert
  • 40 GB storage space
  • 160 GB data transferred
  • Advertising agency
  • Forums
Portail Pro
  • 80 GB storage space
  • 320 GB data transferred
  • Online store
  • 100 000 newsletters / month


Our portal plans
Select a range of content from your portal and send it to your readers in a newsletter. The Portal Pro plan allows you to use multiple templates for your newsletters and send up to 100,000 newsletters per month.

Easy form creation

Our portal plans
Use our unique object-oriented design technology to quickly create forms and process collected data. Forms are created via an entirely graphical interface - so no need to write a single line of code!


Our portal plans
Use the profiling feature to restrict or expand access to content on your portal. With the Portal Pro plan, you can create an unlimited number of user groups - particularly useful when you want to create an extranet.

Monetise content

Our portal plans
WMaker allows you to monetise access to your content. Choose from several payment facilities, such as a time-limited or points-based subscription service and accept payment by credit card, PayPal, and more!

Online store

Our portal plans
Create your store with a few quick clicks and easily manage all your e-business, from billing and inventory management, to customised delivery fees. Our billing module seamlessly interfaces with many of the world's main banking platforms.